30 October 2019
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Short poems for Happy Halloween. Halloween Poems For Kids. Spooky Poems For Halloween

Our site have put together a big collection of Halloween Poems. We hope your like them

Halloween Poems

Spooky Poems For Halloween

Halloween began as a holiday for individuals who practiced the occult. It has since turned into something completely different. Halloween is about the fun of dressing up and pretending to be someone else for a night. Trick-or-treating and children gorging themselves on way too much candy. Attending costume parties and the thrill of a good scare. Carving pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns and decorating homes. Halloween has become a celebration of Autumn. There may also be a sinister aspect to the holiday when children believing they are entitled to receive candy vandalize property.

Short poems for Happy Halloween

Halloween Poems

Spooky times are coming fast -
When ghosts appear
And spells are cast.
Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween, so please beware...
Those ghouls and spooks are everywhere!

It's so spooky and so fun,
Halloween night is No 1!

When black cats sneak,
And pumpkins gleam
May fun be yours
On Halloween!
Halloween Poems
Double, double toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble!
The party soon will have begun,
For Halloween's a time for fun!

The owls look out
At this bloody night,
Capturing the feel
Of Halloween fright!

The witches are flying
Black cats can be seen,
It's crystal clear, darling,
Tonight's - Halloween!

A Happy Halloween to you,
Watch out for ghosts and goblins - BOO!
Trick or treat,
Smell my feet,
Bring me something
Sweet to eat!

Halloween Poems

Spooky wishes I gladly send -
Happy Halloween, my friend.

Halloween greetings

For good luck and good cheer
May be the spirits
That haunt you all year!
I'm sending a wish for
A good luck and cheer -
May these be the ghosts
That haunt you all year!

Halloween meme with a short poem

Funny Halloween verses and rhymes
It's time to hide, it's time to fear -
The night of Halloween is near!

A loving Boo,
I send to you!
When spooks abound and ghosts are seen,
I'll keep you safe on Halloween!

Halloween Poems
I send this spooky
Little greeting
To wish you happy
Trick or treating!
Halloween wishes are sent your way
For a fun and scary Halloween day!

A scary time I wish for you,
With ghosts and werewolves, vampires too!
The blackest cat
That you ever seen
Wishes you luck
On this Halloween!

There is a shadow on the Moon this night,
Filling you dreams to the brim with fright!
Oh, my dear little child,
Be afraid - Halloween starts tonight!

Halloween wishes

I'm sending your way
For funny and spooky
Halloween day!
Halloween Poems
Have a spooky Halloween day,
While finding treats along the way!

Silent phantoms of the night
In their wear of ghostly white.
They can only to be seen
On this night of Halloween!

The ghostly dance
Shall soon be seen,
So have a happy

Trick or treat,
Give me something nice to eat!
Give me candy or the cake,
Give me something sweet to take!

Halloween Poems For Kids

Halloween Poems


It`s late and we are sleepy,
The air is cold and still.
Our jack-o-lantern grins at us
Upon the window sill.
We`re stuffed with cake and candy
And we`ve had a lot of fun,
But now it`s time to go to bed
And dream of all we`ve done.
We`ll dream of ghosts and goblins
And of witches that we`ve seen,
And we`ll dream of trick-or-treating
On this happy Halloween.

 Halloween Poems
Underneath the lamp post,
In the middle of the night,
A ghost bus make a silent stop,
A strange and fearful sight.

At the bus top at your corner,
Something big and green climbed down.
It’s looking for your bedroom,
And it has searched all over town.

You thought it couldn’t find you,
That you were safe and you were sound.
You thought that you could hide,
Where you never could be found.

But now it’s almost here,
You know it loves the dark of night.
There’s only one thing you can do,
Quick! Turn on the light!


By Joe Wayman
 Halloween Poems
Three little ghostesses
Sitting on postesses,
Eating buttered toastesses,
Greasing their fistesse,
Up to their wristesses,
Oh, what beastesses
To make such feastesse!

 Halloween Poems

It`s Halloween! It`s Halloween!
The moon is full and bright
And we shall see what can`t be seen
on any other night:

Skeletons and ghosts and ghouls,
Grinning goblins fighting duels,
Werewolves rising from their tombs,
Witches on their magic brooms. 

The skeletons are out tonight,
they march about the street,
With bony bodies, bony heads
and bony hands and feet.
Bony bony bony bones
with nothing in between,
Up and down and all around
they march on Halloween.

I’m a little scarecrow,
Raggedy and worn
I wear a hat,
And a shirt that’s torn
When the crows come,
I wave and shout,
“Away from my garden-get on out!”

Witch, Witch
Withch witch, where do you fly?
Under the clouds and over the sky.

Witch, witch, what do you eat?
Little black apples from Hurricane Street.

Witch, witch, what do you drink?
Vinegar and good red ink.

Witch, witch, where do you sleep?
Up in the clouds where the pillows are cheap.

 Halloween Poems

Did You Know !!!
Ghosts don’t have shadows and leave no footprints !
Wearing garlic around your neck will keep vampires away !
Shooting a werewolve with a silver bullet is supposed to kill it !
If you throw a key at a ghost, the ghost will disappear !
If a candle flame turns blue, it means a ghost is in the house!
Some people believe that cat bones make you invisible !
Halloween Poems
First, put your clothes on inside out.
Then walk backward to where two roads meet.
If you wait until midnight, you will see a witch!

The Harvest moon fills the sky
A wicked witch goes flying by

Ghosts and goblins..skeleton’s too.
Moaning and groaning, waiting for you

Black cats prowl the graveyard plots
Witches cook in cauldron pots

Cemetery ghouls roam the ground
Not one unopened grave is found

Tombstones are an eerie sight
Shadows dance in full moon light

The haunted house on the hill
Walk in there and you get a chill

Jack-o-lanterns eyes so bright
Trick or Treaters scream in fright

It’s a time like you’ve never seen
Tonight’s the night of Halloween.

By Sandi VanderSluis/ Corky Ferguson. Copyright 1999

Halloween PoemsHalloween PoemsHalloween Poems
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