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How to Draw Skulls: Easy Step-by-Step tutorials

How to draw a skull with a pencil in stages for beginners Skulls are considered common symbols, which for each nation denote different superstitions. Many people like these silhouettes, and they want to learn how to draw them. In the provided material we will tell how to draw a skull with a pencil step by step for beginners, and also provide detailed instructions for several drawings.

How to Draw SkullsHow to Draw Skulls

 How to Draw Skulls

Human skull by pencil

With the previous work figured out, now let's draw a human skull with a simple pencil. The work is simple, but it is ideal to learn how to draw these silhouettes. If you learn to depict a skull, then in the future it will be easier for you to depict people, because for drawing a human head you need, such knowledge of the proportions of skulls.

How to Draw Skulls
How to Draw Skulls

Skull with swords

 This work is a bit more complicated than the previous one, but if you could draw an angel, then it will not seem difficult for you. Now, let's find out how to draw a skull with a pencil in step-by-step instructions for beginning artists. Start drawing:
How to Draw Skulls

 How to Draw SkullsHow to Draw Skulls

Graffiti on paper

If we have coped with the previous options, let's complicate the task a bit. Now we will draw graffiti on which there will be a silhouette of a skull. If you are just learning to draw, then you must fully comply with our instructions to get the desired result.
For this work, you need a simple pencil and black marker to color the drawing. Having prepared these items, we can begin the creative process.

How to Draw SkullsHow to Draw SkullsHow to Draw SkullsHow to Draw SkullsHow to Draw Skulls

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