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How to Draw a Poppy. Step by Step. Really Easy Drawing Tutorial

Today we will show you how to draw poppy!

If you coped with daisies or made crafts on the theme of spring, then there should be no problems with this pattern. We will draw poppies in a vase. For this still life we will use gouache too.

Let's start: At the bottom of the sheet, we outline the height.

 how to draw poppy
On marks we carry out a vertical segment. Now, draw a path with a wavy line. From above and below we draw two ellipses. Make a sketch of three large buds. In the middle of the outline mark the central part of the plant and depict four petals. We supplement the sketch with stems, draw unopened buds and draw the silhouettes of leaves.

how to draw poppy

We mark the border of the table and get down to work with gouache. On the palette, mix the light brown paint with whitewash and vertical strokes, paint over the main background.

Add more ocher and show dark areas at the corners of the sheet. With the same mixture, paint over the surface of the table on which this bouquet stands.

Mix brown with a small amount of ocher and pink paint and cover the area of the table, but this should be done in small horizontal strokes.

A mixture of brown, white and ocher, paint almost the entire vase. Add whitewash and lighten the highlights on the subject. A darker shade dims the right places on the image.

A mixture of black and brown, showing the shadow area on the table. We type on the brush red gouache and brush strokes in different directions paint over the petals. Add some black material to the red paint and paint the shadow areas. Red material overlaps the light areas. Add a little white and set the glare on the surface.

how to draw poppy

Next, the side petals, paint a mixture of red gouache with yellow. Put green dots in the center of the buds. Add a little white and yellow gouache, get the desired shade, draw the stamens.

Mix green, yellow and black and color the leaves and unopened buds. To make the picture a believable, light green paint we will draw a little grass.

Still life is ready.

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